TIER 2 Teamster

Our Teamster package is for all athletes of all ages and abilities who want to be a part of Carbon Mafia without committing to being a Tier 1 Mobster. We want you to come and be an active member of our team as we grow, we look forward to gaining members across the planet so that as we grow we are able to provide more excitement and dynamic options to make being a Teamster more and more valuable to you. We have based all membership on the calendar year from Jan 1st to Dec 31st each year, however due to the current pandemic we have decided to add the remainder of 2020 to your membership at no extra cost. Why is that something to get excited about I hear you ask!

It means that you now have upto 7 months of free membership depending on when you join, greater opportunity to save when you use your member discount and you get to be part of our community for much longer than any other team is offering.

We are starting with Triathletes and will soon be adding Cyclists and Mountain Bikers to the team so no matter which of these forms of cycling is your favorite you will be part of the team. With team race kits and training gear available to all disciplines of the team. 

We also value our sporting communities and local clubs, so if you are a member of a training group or local club you don't have to choose one or the other. We want to join and build communities of active people, that means juniors, veterans, professionals and back of the packers. So please browse through what's included below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep upto date with all thing Carbon Mafia.

By purchasing any of the memberships below you as an adult (18 years and over) acknowledge all conditions outlined by the agreement below for Tier 2 Teamsters. If you wish to join as a junior (under 18years old) we will require a parent or guardian signature on the form below.