Carbon Mafia has chosen SAFEHEART as our charity partner. We have followed their work since 2014 when we first saw them at Cairns Ironman, after recognising the importance of their work we have kept connected and are now able to help them in supporting their efforts. We have put together a clothing collection to allow you to also support their work both with a $5 donation (included in the price) from every item sold but also by wearing the comfy and stylish supporters wear. By us wearing our supporters wear we are able to start conversations and provide a positive feeling amongst the community.

A word from Brett Murray - CEO Chief Encouragement Officer

Safeheart Foundation is a charity that builds safe people and safe places through providing bullying and domestic violence education and prevention through seminars and online resources.

We also deliver programs around leadership, resilience and respect. One of our key initiatives is working with men, empowering them to help reduce DV and bullying behaviour by exercising their ability to become or be better positive male role models, this is delivered through our Blood Brothers programs, events and resources. Each time you purchase a Safeheart kit item you help raise funds for Safeheart to continue our work. We appreciate every purchase, together we can build safe people and safe places.

Services Delivered SAFEHEART

Signature Presentation - Stronger Communities,Disarming Bullying

Unpacking what bullying is, what it is not, why people do it, and how to stop it! Primary school and High School presentations available. Unpacking bullying behaviour and identifying bullying behaviour specifically both in the physical sphere and the cyber sphere. The session then explores the 'why' behind the 'what'. This leads to issues of self-esteem and self-worth. Other issues that are covered include the dangerous implications that bullying behaviour has on both victims and perpetrators. Self-esteem is positively reinforced for all present, victims, perpetrators and by standers alike. The session then moves into how the school year group, school community can put into practice, practical steps to help eradicate bullying culture and focus on striving for excellence in dream and goal setting, removing the negative and replacing it with the positive paradigm.

Know your worth

What is a healthy relationship?What does a healthy relationship actually looks like?This is a session designed for senior students, years 10-12, as a circuit breaker for domestic family abuse and violence by articulating and helping students initially understand their intrinsic self-worth and value, then breaking down step by step what a positive healthy relationship actually looks like covering factors such as respect, love, boundaries, communication, freedom and grit. Exploring each of these positive attributes of a healthy relationship and providing a real-life positive example that students can identify and compare to the relationships they have experienced, are currently experiencing and provide a vision for future relationships. This session comes with a free downloadable e-book that the students receive after the session. The main focus is on the positive rather than the negative. When students are exposed to the reality of positive relationships,they are well versed to self-identify negative relationships, if their home life is exposed as being abusive, the school counsellors and welfare officers are always alerted.

2nd Half Motivation

At the half-way point of the year, Schools across the nation find students feeling lethargic and it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate students to remain engaged.We have the solution.Just as in a half time address by a coach to their team, we come into your school and motivate the students to cultivate a positive mindset, encouraging them that there is great reward for effort and you only get out what you put in.With 26 years of experience working in schools we have the presentations skills to engage, motivate, inspire and educate your students to 'go to the next level'.We use humour and storytelling through our highly engaging presentation that is a standard school period.We can speak to specific year groups or the whole student body. We tailor to your specific needs and can even address certain topics you feel need to be specifically addressed.

True Grit

What is resilience, what is tenacity and turning a setback into a come-back! This session looks at positive growth mind-set. Exploring the key characteristic of every high achiever across history and identifying the secret above and beyond what many would suggest. A fantastic tool for leadership groups, sports teams, year groups struggling with engagement. Extremely inspirational and motivational, a session full of encouragement for high school aged students and professional executives, elite professional sports teams.

Legendary Leaders! Keys to influence

Leadership is not a title, being a person of influence. This session explores 6 key characteristics of being an influential leader. Tried and proven fundamentals for the leader to live a life worthy of following. Leadership goes well beyond the title or position it is more about the person and the influence they carry.

Workplace Wellbeing

Deciphering bullying, understanding how to create a positive and productive workplace environment. For the corporate arena. Workplace bullying costs the Federal economy in excess of $36 Billion in lost productivity according the federal productivity commission 2016. Staff turnover is a major contributor for organisations lack of productivity, as is sick leave, stress leave, poor morale and even internal sabotage. Workplace bullying is at epidemic proportions and many HR departments are at a loss as to how to deal with it for fear they are seen as not doing a good job, so many in HR ignore or conceal, or worse, wait for litigation rather than invest in a proven preventative model. Any workplace that wants to increase staff morale, decrease staff turnover, increase productivity and workplace safety providing a mentally stable and supportive environment needs this program.

Power of Parenting seminar

Demystifying bullying, teen thinking and the cyber world, the impact of parental influence. This seminar is powerful and encouraging. Looking at correctly identifying bullying behaviour, the impacts parents have on their children and the power they have to control the environment their children are raised is, along with research backed brain development information helping understand how teenagers think and why they think the way they do. This session helps empower parents to take back control of their family environment and create safe positive boundaries especially around social media. A very powerful session indeed.

Focus – The key to high achievement

Passion without purpose is just enthusiasm, find your key to success. You need focus! Tailored for audiences from youth to sporting professionals and corporate executives and school students. Unlocking and uncovering what it is you want to do with your life, then more importantly, WHY! This is a very popular inspirational and motivational session that helps individuals and teams formulate and articulate their goals, dreams and aspirations. FOCUS is what keeps us on track and facilitates High achievement.

RESPECT - Warrior Gentlemen

For young men. Teaching about respect for self & for others. You don’t get what you don’t give. Young men are being raised in a world where the question of manhood, what is a man, identity has all but been lost. Young men are searching for meaning, often times being influenced more by social media than truth of their worth, value and meaning, with disastrous consequences. This evidenced based session is powerful and a must for every young man.We have a Father Son version of this session as well that can be utilised also specifically for Men’s groups and to mature men only audiences.


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